Take me home service
With the increase in the awareness that drink-driving is not possible and the fear of our clients to exceed the legal  limit, the drive me home service has become popular. The driver  reports to the restaurant staff that he is present and then waits in the lobby. At a party he contacts you and waits until you want to leave. This may of course also be later than the first specified time.

Part time driver
Due to an injury or a driver's license inhabilitation you require a driver?
The driver picks you up at the home address in the morning and brings you to your work address. The driver will then leave your car parked at your work and leave by his own means. At the end of the day the driver will pick you up again and then bring you back home. The time in between costs you nothing in this way. In between, the driver is flexible to come back sooner if necessary

24/7 executive driver
If you use our driver services, you will have time to travel in your own car, for example to prepare a meeting, schedule appointments or make free telephone calls. The executive driver is becoming increasingly popular. Discretion of the driver is always guaranteed! All our drivers sign a confidentiality clause for this.
The government and diplomatic clients also appeal to our drivers services. Our drivers drive for companies and individuals.

Event driver
Do you need a driver?, a professional driver from the finedriver.com platform will bring your cars comfortably to any desired destination.

Valet parking solution
With Valet Parking you provide your visitors with a very luxurious service by having your guests stop at the door with their own car and get out. One of the drivers then takes over the car and parks it at a parking space pre-selected by us. At the end of the event our driver will drive the car back to the door and your guests can get on and return home.

Parking advisor
When you organize a birthday, wedding or other event and you expect many guests who can not or hardly park, and you do not want to opt for Valet Parking, you can always opt for parking guidance. our parking guides will guide your guests to a pre-selected parking space and guide your guests to the entrance of the event.

Do you need a car?
Do you need a car? We have agreements with al mayor rental agencies across Europe, leave it to us we will organize it for you, and have the car ready at your disposal. Get the car you´re looking for and not the car the rental agency decides to give you.

Urgent documents delivery service
You authorize us to represent you to deliver and pick up sensitive documentation such us passports, for delivery to consulates or embassy, or public administrations communications, corporate documentation, we offer same day delivery where ever in the EU. Ask us about this service in person. Subject to date availability.